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For maximum online productivity, it is recommended that you claim your business’ Google My Business page. Your Google My Business listing is essential for local ranking and for maximizing the online presence of your local business. While claiming and setting up your GMB page is not necessarily the hardest thing to do, some business owners, however, exhibit some doubts on the accuracy of their approach, especially in setting up the page. Because most business owners are not familiar with the process, they may end up choosing a DFY Google My Business SEO service, which guarantees them better output.


In addition, choosing DFY Google My Business Optimization guarantees extra secret sauce elements to the overall package, thus offering businesses an edge over others.

While you may choose to go it alone, there is a need to ensure that you put in place plans that will help you make the best of your GMB listing.

How to get a 100% score on your GMB Profile

One of the biggest reasons why business owners choose the DFY Google My Business Optimization package, is to enable them access to the perfect score on their GMB page. However, to get the best of your business page, you need to make sure that it is easy to find.

Making your business easy to locate is one of the biggest secrets to ensuring the success of your online listing. However, as easy as this may sound, in practice, it isn’t as simple as there are several steps, techniques, and skills that come to play to ensure that you get the perfect score.

Getting this right presents a lot of prospects to your business through GMB listings, several businesses have gotten the best customers who were converted from potentials to longstanding and loyal customers.

With GMB, your business is exposed to a wider local audience, attracting more local prospects and coverting them to paying customers.

While it is essential for businesses to get professional help to improve their GMB pages, there are also a few tips that can be adopted to improve results gained from GMB pages.

Tips to get GMB Page Lead

Below are some of the recommended tips that will help you get the most out of your GMB page.

  • Make sure that your business is actually listed with Google. A great way to confirm this is through a simple search of your business name on Google. If your business has been listed by someone other than you, you should proceed to claim ownership by providing the information demanded by Google. Remember, the first step to getting a 100 percent GMB score is having a GMB page to start with.
  • Search for your company name, address, and phone number on Google and see if it comes up. If it does, you have been listed, if not, you haven’t.
  • If your business is not listed, make sure to create a listing for it as soon as possible.

Filling out your Google My Business Profile

When filling out your GMB profile, it is essential that you pay attention to some of the most important information that will ensure that you get the best results.

The following obvious fields should be paid attention to:

  • The company name as appearing on your legal documents, signage, business cards, and others
  • Your business’ physical address
  • Your business’s phone number

These other areas should also be paid attention to:

  • Your company’s website address
  • Correct email address
  • Enter accurate hours of operation including special hours such as on holidays
  • List accepted payment methods supported
  • Give a detailed description of your business
  • Provide pictures and videos where necessary
  • Make sure to select an appropriate primary category
  • Make sure to strategically place keywords


Search Traffic


Conversion Rate

Top 5 Keywords


Online Leads

Get Your GMB Page Ranked

While working on the above-mentioned points, there is also good news as offered by Google. It is possible for you to track your progress to 100 percent as Google provides you with information on the steps that are required to get your profile started and completely sorted.

To access how far your Google My Business page is from 100 percent, simply log into your GMB dashboard and see what steps are next in line to be completed. Upon completion, your status bar should have reached complete, which means you have provided all the necessary and needed information to get your business ranked locally.

It is important to note also that while this is a step in the right direction, hiring professionals or subscribing to DFY Google My Business Optimization can prove to be a lot easier and rewarding.


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