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When learning digital marketing, there are certain areas that you need to pay complete attention to as they are key to getting the desired results. As part of the learning process, it is also important to complete certain digital marketing certifications, especially if you aim to add value to the knowledge you have acquired. In line with seeking appropriate certification from trusted and recognized brands, Google offers several types of certification courses which are available in different fields, including Google My Business Training. Perhaps the greatest advantage of taking this course with Google is that they are free and offer you an edge in the fast-changing internet-based world.

When considering certifications, there should be no hesitation at all, especially with regards to Google My Business SEO Course. While there are several other courses which can be chosen from, below we have provided you a holistic guide on the simple process of getting the desired knowledge.

Google My Business

Google My Business has in recent years gained traction among digital marketers and businesses alike. Although boasting of an ever dynamic approach, Google My Business plays an important role in the visibility and conversion of potential customers into paying customers. With Google My Business optimizations, local businesses have been able to make a tremendous impact in their respective markets.

One of the most important aspects of the Google My Business page and listing, is that it can be accessed at no cost. The free online tool is also easy to use for businesses and organizations who wish to better manage their online engagement with customers while adequately presenting their business in the right light.

The Google My Business platform has been designed to allow businesses to showcase as much as possible about themselves through media support for photos and videos. In addition, businesses can take advantage of the Google My Business posting to make a fresh announcement of promotional offers, sales and deals, carry customers along with what’s new and more.

The Google My Business page also offers customers some of the most important business information about a brand, including their correct address, email address, website, phone number, opening hours and more.


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